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New Passports


Replacement Passports

Prefix Registration

SPSS will issue passports to the offspring of any SPSS graded pony regardless of expected adult height apart from pure-bred offspring eligible for the stud books of one of the indigenous Mountain and Moorland breeds of the UK.  See below for information on how to get a SPSS passport.


If your pony's SPSS passport has been lost or stolen - click here to find out how to get a replacement/duplicate (cost £60).


Youngstock, mares and stallions with passports from another organisation can apply for SPSS Registration and passport overstamping provided that they are expected to mature below the maximum height limit of 158 cms (15.2hh).  Click here to go to the Registrations page.


A summary of the legal responsibilities of horse owners in relation to equine passports ca be found on our Information & FAQ page or click here to download as a PDF file.


Change of Ownership


When a pony holding ANY type of SPSS passport changes ownership, the passport must be returned to the SPSS Studbook Office within 30 days to have the new owner's details recorded.  This is a legal requirement for all equine passports and applies if a pony is given as well as sold.  It also applies regardless of the time you expect to have ownership of the horse/pony.


Either the Transfer of Ownership Form or a letter, receipt or bill of sale that is signed by the last registered owner(s) and gives the new owner's name and address should be sent with the passport as should the change of ownership fee.  If the last registered owner shown in the passport is not the person selling the horse/pony, then supplying proof (in the form of a receipt or other documentation) of unregistered ownership changes will enhable the SPSS Studbook Office to make the change and return the passport fater than if the last registered owner has to contacted to confirm that they sold the pony/horse.


Change of Ownership Fee - £25


Click here to download the Transfer of Ownership Form


Note that the SPSS Studbook Office address to use is The Last House, Keysoe Row West, Keysoe, Bedfordshire MK44 2JJ (as at the top of the page) NOT either of our previous addresses (which are Sock Farm, Chilthorne Domer or New Barn Farm, Ludgershall)  that may be printed in the passport - Head Office moved in 2008 and April 2014.


 Contact the Studbook Office for more information



SPSS Passport Application Process

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Download and complete the Passport Application Form; ensure that your vet takes a DNA sample (a few hairs from mane or tail put into a small plastic bag with the vet’s stamp or signature and showing the foal’s name) and that he/she completes the ID diagram on page 4 of the Passport Application Form (click here to download).  It is now also mandatory for all foals to be microchipped which should be done at the same veterinary visit and the information recorded on page 4.  A checklist has been provided below to assist with your application.


Items required for SPSS Passport Issue:

  1. The original Covering Certificate given to you by the stallion owner.  Please ensure that you have completed the declaration of birth at the bottom of the page.  Note that the foal’s ID/Markings should be recorded on the Passport Application Form page 4.

  2. A completed and signed SPSS Passport Application Form (including the Identification Form on page 4 which has to be completed by a Veterinary Surgeon).

  3. A DNA hair sample (taken by your vet) in a plastic bag showing your vet’s signature and the foal’s name.

  4. Microchip barcode and number – PLEASE NOTE that we need one unused sticker for the foal’s passport.  Most providers give you several of these with the microchip.

  5. A completed SPSS Membership Form (unless already a member). This form is available to download here.

  6. If your foal has ONLY ONE SPSS GRADED PARENT we require the following  information from the UNGRADED dam or sire’s passport:

    • A photocopy of the first page of the passport giving his/her life number, details and passport issuer; 

    • A photocopy of his/her pedigree page; 

    • A photocopy of any grading information he/she has undergone with another society.

  7. The appropriate fee made payable to SPSS - see top of Passport Form for current fees.  Membership fees are given on the Membership Form.


A passport will then be issued by the SPSS Studbook Office.  Please note that if you wish to use a prefix/suffix then you need to register it with the Central Prefix Register via the SPSS Studbook Office (see below for more details) BEFORE your passport can be issued.


If you are unsure about any part of the process, please contact the SPSS Studbook Office on 07703 566066 BEFORE submitting your documentation.


NB please send all the above in an A4 envelope to avoid folding any of the forms.




Replacement SPSS Passports

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If your pony's SPSS passport has been damaged, stolen or lost (and you are certain that it cannot be found), then a replacement passport can be obtained from the SPSS Studbook Office (contact details at top of page).  Note that the relevant legislation mandates that Section IX of all replacement passports is completed by the issuer to state that the pony may not enter the food chain.


The fee for a replacement passport is £60.


Passport Fees

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Provision of Passport and Registration (where the pony concerned does not have a passport):

(Note that these prices include DNA storage)

-  If one parent graded with the SPSS:


-  If BOTH parents are graded with the SPSS: £65.00

-  If eligible for SPSS Green (Section X) papers only   (see below for details of eligibility for Green papers)

Registration of Prefix (see below for details) £50.00


Registration of prefixes

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The SPSS is a member of the Central Prefix Registry, and all breeders wishing to use a prefix or suffix when registering an animal with the SPSS must apply for approval and registration of that prefix before it can be recognised as their own (even if they have already registered the prefix with a different breed society or studbook). The SPSS will check with the Central Prefix Register on behalf of the breeder that this prefix is acceptable, but in order to avoid disappointment advises all breeders to consult the Central Prefix Register’s own web page  before finalising their choice.


The fee for Registering a Prefix is £50.  Please contact the Studbook Office (details at top of page) for forms etc.




Eligibility for Green (Section X) Papers

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Green (Section X) papers.  In accordance with the EU Commission Decision 96/78 EC on ‘criteria for entry and registration of equidae in stud-books for breeding purposes’, Green (Section X) papers will be issued to any animal sired by an ungraded stallion with original Blue or Cream papers issued by the SPSS and out of an ungraded mare with original Blue or Cream papers issued by the SPSS.  Animals with Green papers will be eligible for SPSS grading in the normal way, with the following provisos:


(i)         Colts and stallions will be eligible for the Foundation Stud Book only

(ii)        Fillies and mares will be eligible for the Preliminary Stud Book only.


Should either or both of the parents of a Green-papered SPSS pony subsequently grade with SPSS then the Green papers can be upgraded to Cream or Blue as appropriate on payment of the appropriate fee. Graded status will also be amended where necessary.


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The Sports Pony Studbook Society

Studbook Office:   The Last House, Keysoe Row West, Keysoe, Bedfordshire MK44 2JJ

Tel: 07703 566066 or 

A Private Limited Company - Companies House (Cardiff) Registration No. 4106148

Registered Office:  11, Forts Orchard, Chilthorne Domer, Yeovil BA22 8RH